Making Portraits

Allow 40min
To study draw a portrait using the 'inside-out' method.
The sketch pad,HB pencil, ruler.

Allow five minutes to for the quick sketch test. Two minutes to do and three to mark. Swap, display and title if necessary.

Mostly everything we draw is based on regular solids such as cubes, spheres, cylinders and pyramids ... or a combination of them all. In this lesson we shall be using a sphere, a half-pyramid and a cylinder.

          Sphere                                     Pyramid                               Split pyramid


First we construct a light circle in the approximate position and size shown.


Draw another circle in the position shown (exactly one full circle apart). Using a nice 'sickle moon' arc describe the edges of the shadows that will give the spheres some depth.


Shade in the shadow parts of the twin spheres.


Copy the eye shapes from my drawing being careful to keep them level and sketch the little inside corners as I have done.


Add the eyelids and circle in the iris and pupils as shown below. To make the eyes look right or left you would position the pupils accordingly.


Shade in the pupils and irises. Remember the pupils are actually holes and therefore shadows.


complete nose mouth next!