Fender Covers

Fender protection

Fender covers are the result of this research and offer a vastly improved level of quality, durability, strength and appearance than other brands in the market.

Your boat’s fenders attract dirt from the water and air which, when combined with the damaging effects of the environment, makes their surface “sticky” and abrasive. Once these fenders are used against your vessel’s hull, this abrasive surface slowly rubs away the gelcoat and leaves it with fine scratches sometimes called “dock rash”. Custom painted hulls will also fade as the paint is transferred to the fender through the rubbing motion.

Protection for your boat

By using these covers the fenders are protected from the environment and remain free and clean of build up. What’s more, the abrasive scratching is replaced by a soft cover which invariably polishes rather than damages your hull.

Apart from being practical, covers for your fenders also look great. They come in blue or black to suit your vessel’s trim and can be custom embroidered with your boat’s name and/or logo.

Fender damage

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